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Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist - "How to Sell More Persuasively Online"


Leigh Caldwell, Irrational Agency - "Pricing Psychology: Behavioural Economics and New Economic Models" 


Simon White, Draftcb - "The Science of Desire"


Simon Hill, Wazoku - "The Idea of Ideas - A Do-ers Guide to Inclusive Innovation" 



Craig Sullivan, RUSH - "Psychology, Split Testing & the Web: How do they test that?"


Graham Page and Sarah Walker, Millward Brown - "Face value: measuring emotions without the guesswork"



William Higham, Next Big Thing - "A Faster Horse: How Customer Psychology Enables Consumer Trends Prediction"


Cat Jones, Unruly - "The Science of Sharing"



Chris Schaumann, Nokia & Antony Mayfield, Brilliant Noise - "Design Your Day"


Prof. Karen Pine, Do Something Different - "Behavioural flexibility: Get off the couch and Do Something Different" 


Benjamin Ellis, SocialOptic & Redcatco - "Human Big Data - Making sense from everything"