Chinwag Psych (@ChinwagPsych) is a one day conference and online publication series covering psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics for business and marketing.


The next Chinwag Psych event hits in London in 2014.
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Our aim is looking to bring together academia and business. Experts showcase techniques to optimise your business. Sessions range from the way cognitive biases affect our decisions and how we can predict consumer behaviour to changing certain aspects of our days to enrich the way we work.

The day will focus around neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics with insight advice and case studies from The Times, Lego and BBC.

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Sessions with the leading thinkers in the field, including:

"How to sell more persuasively online"
"Behavioural flexibility: do something different"
"Human big data"
"A Faster Horse: Customer Psychology & Consumer Trends"
"Pricing Psychology: Behavioural Economics "
"Psychology, Split Testing & the Web"
"The Science of Desire"
"Neuroscience meets website optimisation"

and lots more...


Daniel Bennett
Choice Architect

Alongside Rory Sutherland and Jez Groom, Dan works with some of the biggest brands implementing behavioural science, social psychology and cognitive psychology to their marketing.

Initially Dan capitalised on the insight that framing an inferior version of a choice increases the demand for the original option by sending through both a good and a bad version of his CV.

Keep your eyes peeled for Dan’s latest publications on how Nudging may curb the obesity crisis and just why it is so annoying to overhear a mobile phone conversation.

Dan will be joined on the day by his colleague at #ogilvychange, Marina Clement.

Simon Hill

Simon Hill is the founder of Wazoku an idea management software company, an associate Director with Find Invest Grow a leading early stage VC and start-up incubator and an active member of the London entrepreneurial and technology scene.

Simon is an advocate of open innovation processes, practices and systems and a regular speaker and voice on these topics. His great passion is about giving life to great ideas, finding and defining a process to surface the most interesting, most relevant and highest value ideas to the right people at the right time. A huge challenge and one they have embraced with both hands at Wazoku, bringing expertise to businesses small and large from start-ups to the BBC, Diageo, Met Police and many more besides.

Antony Mayfield
Founding Partner
Brilliant Noise

Antony Mayfield is Founding Partner at Brilliant Noise, a digital strategy agency working with brands including Nokia,   Kiddicare/Morrisons, University of Warwick and Picturehouse Cinemas.

He is the author of the best-selling book on how to manage personal reputation online, Me and My Web Shadow, which has been published in several countries by Bloomsbury.

In 2006, he founded the content and social media teams at iCrossing, which became the largest independent digital marketing firm in the world, before being sold to Hearst Media in 2010. Prior to iCrossing, Antony spent a decade in journalism and corporate communications, most recently as a director in the Bell Pottinger Group.

Benjamin Ellis
Marketing and Technology Executive Director

Benjamin is a social technologist and serial entrepreneur. He has worked in the on-line world since the mid 1980′s. He has worked with companies including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks in Silicon Valley, and on projects with Microsoft, IBM and Motorola.

Benjamin is mainly known for his roles at Redcatco and SocialOptic, and his support for start ups and growing UK digital businesses – predominately though the Digital Mission with Chinwag and the UKTI.

He makes the occasional appearance on Radio and TV, explaining the way that technology is changing the how businesses work, and also contributes to a number of blogs and print publications.

Chinwag caught up with Benjamin to find out more about his work. Read the interview here.  

William Higham
Next Big Thing

William is founder and CEO of consumer trends research consultancy Next Big Thing. He writes and presents on trends, creates consumer strategy reports and facilitates strategic marketing and innovation workshops.


Next Big Thing’s clients have come from a wide range of industries: from media (News International to BBC), music (EMI to MTV) and finance (NatWest to HSBC) to technology (AOL to Siemens), advertising (Ogilvy to WPP) and drinks (Budweiser to Diageo).

William wrote the UK’s first handbook for consumer trend forecasters: ‘The Next Big Thing: Spotting & Forecasting Consumer Trends For Profit’ (Kogan Page, 2009), which has been translated into four languages.

Antony Mayfield (Founding Partner)
Benjamin Ellis (Marketing and Technology Executive Director)
Cat Jones (Head of Business Development)
Chris Schaumann (Global VP, Digital & Social Marketing and CRM)
Craig Sullivan (Optimiser of Everything)
Daniel Bennett (Choice Architect)
Dr David Stillwell (Research Manager)
Fabian Stelzer (Co-founder and CEO)
Karen Pine (Professor of Developmental Psychology)
Leigh Caldwell (Cognitive-Behavioural Economist and CEO)
Marina Clement (Business Director)
Nathalie Nahai (The Web Psychologist)
Simon Hill (CEO)
Simon White (European Chief Planning Officer)
Stephen Haggard (Business Director)
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Delegates included the brightest minds from Eventbrite, EngageSciences, BBC, Microsoft, Jam, UCL, Lingo24, Nesta, Goldsmiths, University of London, ThoughtShift, U Interactive Ltd, WWF, foursquare,, Melcrum, RSCPP, Adobe, CorpComms Magazine, Albion, Schuh and many more.

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Nokia sponsored Chinwag Psych London 2013 as part of their Smarter Everyday programme which aims to inspire you with fresh approaches to productivity, collaboration and technology adoption. For more follow @Nokia@Work and #SmarterEveryday
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