This time last year we started to explore how the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and big data could help techno-numpties like us to apply some of this high-fallutin’ brain science to business. From influence to behaviour to understanding emotions, there’s plenty to take on board.

Chinwag Psych was born, bringing together the leaders in this emerging world where academia and business combine in large part powered by digital and social media. Supported by Editor-at-Large and “Webs of Influence” author, Nathalie Nahai and a band of business and academics applying brain science to business.

Chinwag Psych London (May 9) is a full day conference that explores the latest thinking and application of psychology, neuroscience and big data with case studies, theory, insight and plenty of practical advice.

As speakers are confirmed we’re building a narrative for the day taking the audience on a journey from theory to practice examining which techniques to use and where, optimisation, prediction, behavioural design and machine learning with plenty of anecdotes and case studies.

A US event is planned for 2/3rd Oct 2013 in Boston. Drop us a line for more info.
Hattie Nicholson
0207 183 2923

Chinwag Psych also has plans to take the conference to Boston, USA (2/3 Oct 2013)
Drop us a line for more info.



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Hattie Nicholson 
0207 183 2923